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Why is ESG is Storming the Compliance World

by Lauralee Dhabhar, on May 28, 2021 9:52:52 AM

Investors are expanding their criteria when assessing risk and profitability. Environmental, social, and governance criteria increasingly play a role in investment decisions. This is not only a reflection of changing societal views but also an understanding that companies failing to meet these standards can meet with financial catastrophe. As such, corporate compliance departments are finding themselves responsible for ensuring that their companies are meeting the ESG promises they publicly espouse.

Compliance officers have the daunting task of ensuring regulations and standards are met. As their portfolio of responsibility continues to expand, the need for accurate and efficient screening, search, and triage becomes more critical. Machine learning tools enable organizations to maintain standards of compliance at a pace previously unseen while allowing the decision-makers to focus their attention where it is most needed.

Background image by metamorworks/ Video Images: TH2I Shutter Rich, President KUMA, metamorworks/

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