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What Shapes National Security Competition between the U.S.A., China, and Russia? Giant Oak Founder and CEO Voices a Provocative Vision

by Pinkston, on Jun 4, 2021 8:37:04 AM

Gary M. Shiffman, PhD, explained technology’s role in enabling Narrative Warfare in The Great Debates Future of Power Webinar

ARLINGTON, Va. - Today, Giant Oak Founder and CEO Gary M. Shiffman provided expert insight from a technological and human behavioral perspective at The Great Debates: Future of Power event. Shiffman participated in an engaging debate about the nature of power and technology’s role in defining the future of adversarial relations with China and Russia.

The Great Debates is a webinar series that gathers senior government leaders from across the nation to discuss how the United States can stay ahead of the challenges of a multipolar world and prioritize diplomatic, environmental, and economic policies to safeguard liberty around the globe. Other panelists included co-founder and CEO Chris Lynch at Rebellion Defense, former deputy national security advisor and Principal Mira Ricardel of the Chertoff Group, and more.

“We must understand the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning and how these are used to create, manipulate, and destroy power,” said Gary M. Shiffman, who is also co-founder and CEO of the fintech innovator, Consilient. “Technology enables the diffusion of power across smaller, more diverse groups, which enables more individuals to engage in high-value illicit activity. This diffusion of power explains the recent rise in amateur criminals who join forces with transnational criminal organizations to carry out high-level attacks, launder the proceeds, and cash out, all.”

Shiffman outlined more of his insight on the rise of the amateur criminal in his recent Wall Street Journal article entitled “Money Mules in Sheep’s Clothing.” 

“Technological advances are bringing us into a world of combat without bullets, but with information and messages,” explained Shiffman. “History’s greatest battles involved missiles and guns, but I see artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies as powerful weapons in today’s arsenal. The conflict of the future is informational, not kinetic, and we have to use technology to adapt, connect and move quickly if we’re going to understand and control the narrative of this new domain of warfare. There are two ways to control the narrative: through artificial intelligence and machine learning, and through behavioral science. The U.S. government needs to invest in both of those fields in order to win the battle of narratives.”

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