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Linking Risks and Results: Connecting the Dots with Clarity

by Kristina Drye, on Sep 14, 2022 7:20:37 AM

If you are using an advanced screening tool for risk assessment, you are making connections between evidence and a risk result. For a moment, imagine that we want to assess the risk of John Smith. We know the name of John Smith – and we have information on the internet we think is about John Smith. We need a way to know how confident we are that the information we find is about the person and the associated risk/illicit activity in question. This process of comparison and confirmation is known as linking risks and results.

 GOST captioned Search Sample

For traditional screening tools, this process is not required. These traditional tools consist of static lists or manual internet searches, both of which do not offer efficient analysis using all available electronic information. With static lists, an analyst misses out on all data from the point of the last update; and with manual searches, an analyst spends too much time sifting through unhelpful information to find a relevant digital artifact. GOST (Giant Oak Search Technology) is more efficient because it uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring back digital artifacts from the open and deep web, organizing all available digital information to score risk.

GOST Scale Sample

GOST does this in two ways. First, each entity receives a Reliability score indicating the likelihood the entity searched is in fact related to the identified negative news – in our imagined case, the likelihood that the John Smith we are looking for is the one the news article we have found is referencing. Second, each searched entity receives a case-level Ranking score indicating the connection between derogatory information and the digital artifact- in our imagined case, is the news article about John Smith about something bad, or something not bad?

The GOST Fall 2022 Release offers a 200% improvement in the connection between links and results. This means that you and your team can easily understand why you are looking at a result within the tool while reducing your team’s labor input by 50%. Clarifying the relationship between risks and results reduces noise at both the link and entity levels, meaning that customer results are more consistent and accurate than ever before.

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