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How Finance and Government Work Together to Fight Human Trafficking

by Lauralee Dhabhar, on Feb 25, 2022 10:08:16 AM

The dynamics of modern-day slavery are complex and include illicit financial flows, corruption, cross-border smuggling and funding, and connections to national security threats like terrorism, drug trafficking, and transnational criminal networks. The only way to truly eliminate human trafficking is for the financial and government sectors to work in tandem with each other to catch traffickers and save their victims. 

The fight against human trafficking has always been a part of the Giant Oak mission. As such, we wanted to ensure one of our first webinars of 2022 covered this issue. We were fortunate enough to be joined by speakers professor William Jannace and Ian Mitchell, Founder of The Knoble. Watch their discussion below.

Illustration by asiandelight/

For more information on modern-day slavery and training opportunities, please visit our friends at:

The Knoble:


Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative:

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:

International Center for Missing and Exploited Children:


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